• Versatile
  • Stylish
  • High performance
  • Fuel efficient
  • Day boat


The Evo 660 is a completely new approach to the modern powerboat with emphasis on efficiency. The hull from leading international yacht designer Greg Elliott breaks new ground to combine low power and fuel requirements with outstanding ride quality and performance.


The innovative deck layout provides exceptional space in two cockpits for all sorts of watersports and party fun, while the stylish “pod” affords all-weather comfort and shelter. The pod incorporates a sliding roof panel for climate control and an unobstructed view. Automobile ergonomics have been employed for easy, relaxed driving while seated, and the seats neatly fold away for comfortable standup driving. The walk-around side decks add convenience and safety. Cavernous lockers swallow up all the toys and gear you could possibly need, whether diving, partying, fishing, towing water toys, or all four at once! Provision has been made for a private toilet in the console, and of course lots of fishing rod holders!


The highly refined low drag hull offers exceptional performance. The Evo 660 runs easily at over 40mph, with just a single 90HP outboard. The Evo 660 is a true Deep Vee hull form that slices smoothly and comfortably through the nastiest wind chop. The fine bow is flared dramatically at the deck to throw spray away from the boat and provide reserve buoyancy. Accurately designed chines and strakes provide excellent lift while ensuring the hull runs straight and true in rough conditions.


The low power requirements of the Evo mean very low running costs and great range from the generous 130 litre underfloor fuel tank. Reduced engine size also keeps the purchase and servicing costs down. The Evo 660 can be easily towed with a medium sized car, and launched from the beach if required.

Construction & Safety

The Evo 660 is strongly built in GRP utilising precision moulds and the best boat building industry standards. The complex, sculpted hull and deck form could not be achieved in any other building medium. GRP boats have proven to be the most durable, corrosion-free, rot-free and best riding of all production power boats. The Evo 660 deck is a one-piece moulding which provides superior strength, stiffness and buoyancy over conventional methods. The resulting boat is selfdraining, super-easy to clean and “unsinkable” with a grid of separate watertight chambers.


Two Evo 660s can be shipped in a standard 40ft container reducing delivery costs to ports worldwide. Engines can be supplied or retro fitted in country of purchase to enable engine warranty and easy access to service. These exceptional boats are also exceptional value.